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We have plans

Considering that we had our costumes for last year (transvestite hooker and Ryeowook) picked out three or more months in advance, we are cutting it close this year. I had, up until this point, settled on attempting Majima from Yakuza and we went down to the Halloween stuff to find an eye patch. Ideas have been tossed around, but when we saw these McCain and Obama masks, we threw them on, added hats and decided we would be McCain and Obama pirates. I'm McCain. Goldenthroat is Obama.

We simply could not get a good picture because my eyes were being jabbed out and... well, I'm not sure why she had trouble, but I'm sure it was something serious and probably to do with the smell.

And just because I know that's not enough, I've included a few more pictures and a video:

I could not stop laughing. I was also wearing a mask at the time, in case you were wondering why I sound weird. I think it was a skeleton jester of some sort. No pictures of that, though.

And this one, just because. It will be ours.
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