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Update on my sick + pictures (not of the sick)

So I went to the doctor yesterday about my legs/back/headache issues and came back home with three new prescriptions. Ibuprofen (which I've been told isn't amazing for cysts, but if she says it's okay, it's okay), Cyclobenzaprine (a muscle relaxant), and Butalbital with acetaminophen and caffeine for my headaches. These in addition to the Zantac 150, Claratin knockoff and the multivitamin I take because I'm not eating very much makes for exciting mornings (and sometimes evenings).

The truth? Beyond knocking me out completely, the new medications aren't really making my back feel better. Then again, my back can't bother me if I'm snoring and drooling and ignoring life in general. ^^

Now on to more pictures:

Took these a couple weeks ago but only now took them off my camera. Everywhere but here got hail this year, so I decided to take a picture when it happened. We don't get so much freak weather in New England.

Okay, short story. I have a huge couch in my living room. Because of my mother's recent overnight trips, some gear has collected on one side of it and since nobody actually uses the couch, we just leave it. Every time I walk through the living room, this is what I see. I don't know how hide got over there or under all this crap, but there he is. Don't worry, I rescued him after taking the picture.

Then me and Tom-ass went about taking pictures of him in random places. With Capri Sun, on a cone, on the ceiling fan. This is the only one that turned out nice enough for me to post, though.

(In fact, none of the following actually happened and you're imagining it)

The new cards I got the other day, including the Zabuza I've been waiting for. Goldenthroat and myself have been continuously eluded by Itachi, Zabuza and Kimimaro, but she got two Itachis the other day so it was only fair that I got a freaking break. I've got like 20+ cards that I need Kimimaro for, too, so if he doesn't show up soon, I'm going to... well, maybe rant some more?

The rest of the goods. I have a Sasuke tin, too, but for some reason it just feels right to use the Naruto one. This plus the new cards pretty much fills it, though, so I think we need to stop soon.

Freshly obtained flicks. We needed to see HSM2 because, well, it's just amazing. And Speed Racer? Bi in a skirt? Yes please. I bought it at Walmart, so I got a free tiny Mach 5 and that is exactly how to please me.

PS GOLDENTHROAT: I HAD A DREAM THAT I HAD SEX IN MUSTANG FABULOUS. It wasn't with Ashley Tisdale, but still. Mustang Fabulous. It will be ours.
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