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Kiryu Kazuma and why I love him

I wrote up a list in about five minutes yesterday, after thinking about it in the shower. I have since revised it slightly, too. So. Kiryu Kazuma and why I love him:

Kazuma is dreamy. He has a heart of gold. He's honorable and he's suave. He's a lover and a fighter. He's a man's man and a ladies' man. I want him to be my husband, best friend, brother, and father, but preferably not all at the same time, because that's kind of creepy. He helps people he doesn't even know. He brings families together. He would go to prison for ten years for something he didn't do simply out of his devotion to his best friend. He sometimes looks like John Travolta, but I'm okay with that because it's kind of a mix between Travolta in Grease and Travolta in Swordfish and, trust me, that can be sexy. Plus, his hair is like a tamer version of Kazuya Mishima's, and that's kind of amazing. He single-handedly takes on the Japanese underworld meanies equipped with only an attitude, a 70's disco suit and veggie sticks. And even if none of that helped him measure up, he's got a back tattoo that turns straight men gay (Yuya) and lesbians straight.

Am I lame? Perhaps. But only to people who haven't played these games. ^^
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