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My doctor called. Upper GI was good.

Unfortunately, this means they still have no idea why I'm so sick.
Which sucks because I put everything on this.

The phone call was like... You're good, bye.
That's it? What's next? How are you people going to fix my sick!? SERIOUSLY. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS FOR MUCH LONGER. I don't think you people understand the amount of pain and discomfort I'm experiencing in every part of my body. Fuck you all. Fuck you all with a long, sharp stick.

If I didn't like life, I'd bounce.
But I'm not an emo and I like video games too damn much.

Now if only I could get the she-devil to cut me some slack until the doctor people get off their asses and diagnose me.
Tags: cuntflaps, my sick, shedevil
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