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New Dir en Grey Colorbars... YAY!

Yeah, these are the one's I've been meaning to do. In addition to knocking Kyo and Shinya off the list of one's to make, I also made a lovely one for liveness *yay*. I couldn't come up with a catchy line for Kyo's so I just made it special for niimura and well... ok, you'll see. I didn't want to put them up until the Kyo one was done but I kept putting it off and kept putting it off... jeez... I'm so lazy.

Sandwich is love

The other line I wanted to put there was "Shinya should eat" but it kinda swayed from the norm and I thought it would offend Shinya lovers even more. It's just made to be a joke anyway.

Dir en Grey is live

Heh heh... I love live shots of them... this one was meant to be.

Kyo is god

DEDICATED TO NIIMURA because she loves Kyo and complained that I hadn't made one for him yet then told me that it should say "Kyo is god" so that one is for all the god-loving Kyo worshipers.

These are fun. If anyone else wants a special one, let me know. It's not like I have anything else to do with my time.
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