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Andrea + Flyff

Got Andrea to play the Flyff with me. Over the course of the past week or so, I took some caps of the awesome (and annoying) things we do in the game.

Her computer is laggy and slow and ancient so I went into town to wait for her to show up. I sat down and it was kind of amazing how she showed up right in front of where I was sitting.

We soon realized that the level 45 merc wasn't going to do the cute little noob any good, seeing as the enemies she needed to fight to actually gain exp existed on another island completely, so I cracked out the boy. Aibatts are creepy.

Chilling out when I didn't feel like using refreshers to heal my MP. Mathiu looks like such a suave bitch in his slick pants and fly hat. Am I amused that they both have the same hair and face? Yes.

I don't know, I just thought it was funny. I think the NachoCheese Guild and my guild (DodgyRamen) should have a duel, if only because every gamer on the channel will see "A guild duel has started between the DodgyRamen Guild and the NachoCheese Guild". ^^

Allow me to introduce xMonkeyHunter. I don't know why, but today we decided to gang up on poor new people. We set our characters to follow him and every time he stopped to wtf at us, we did stupid shit like this. And running in place. And throwing heart emotes at him.

Like this.

Eventually we moved our cheerleading party on to a new one. A lady. I think we figured out she was from Holland. I could be wrong. Anyway, she called Andrea a pretty boy once we were done with her and that was awesome.


Then we did some kneeling. It looked very cool.

Because we both had it set to follow her, we often ended up taking up the same spot so we were looking like freak twins.

And that's how to have awesome annoying fun in an MMORPG. I'd also like to add that we were on the phone with each other while we were following people around. Like... Look at this fool... let's follow him. :D
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