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So the other day, a friend of mine told me I should watch Yami no Matsuei because I wouldn't shut up about Bleach. How she was reminded of this other anime while I was fangirling is still, after watching it, beyond me. But whatever.

The point of this entry is to point out how dense I can be.

So I started watching it. had it, so I gave it a shot. I figured, it's only 13 episodes long. I can do this and it'll make her happy and then I can talk about something she knows something about. It'll take me like... one day. Two days tops, if it's boring. I mean, I usually get discouraged when they're so short because I think ahead about how limited the story will be with only 13 episodes, and then I start counting down. Like, I'll be on episode five and I'll be thinking about how I only have eight left.

I digress.

It took me until episode five to realize that this anime was the gay. And I don't mean "gay" like the local slang term for uncool. I mean actually gay. Like all the dudes are hot for each other and are prancing around like it's the most normal thing in the world. I don't know why it took me so long. These gay ones usually have obvious red flags, like how all the chicks have oddly shaped tits and are supersluts. Or vampires. And how every guy has an unnecessary naked scene with conveniently placed puffs of steam or ribbons. And how all the dudes keep touching each other and talking about how pretty they think all the other guys are.

Dude: Oh, you're eyes are so beautiful. It reminds me of that time I raped that other guy.
Liz: That's totally... totally normal. Every dude is like that. Compliments and bragging about sexual endeavors...

... oh, it's the gay.

Not that there's really anything wrong with the gay anime. I mean, I watched like two episodes of Loveless one time. And maybe five of Gravitation. Loveless creeped me out, because I kept thinking about how... creepy it was. That kid was like twelve, right? And Gravitation... Actually, I have no idea why I stopped watching that. Wait, no I do. It was because Ian and myself were watching it together and she moved. And there was another one that I finished. It was super short. Angel Feather? Angel's Feather? Something like that. I never think it's the gay when I start, except with Gravitation, because everyone and their mother knows where that one was targeted.

So yeah. I'm dense.
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