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Comment on this post and I'll give you a band. Don't worry, I'll make it one you know and love. You put your ten favorite songs by that band on your lj and in reply to the comment, challenge others to do the same.

seaborne was kind of evil and gave me "h.o.t. and include all solo material, JTL, etc". I'll try. D: Also, once I got started, I couldn't stop. God, Woo Hyuk's hair in the We Are the Future MV. Hahaha. And I still, to this day, believe that the Outside Castle MV is the greatest, most beautiful and artistic music video in the history of the craft. Biased? Maybe. The greatest crime SM ever committed was breaking up Hee Jun's brilliant songwriting and Woo Hyuk's dancing genius. And you can quote me. Alright, here they are and in this order.

01. JTL - Without Your Love | video
02. H.O.T - Outside Castle | video
03. Jang Woo Hyuk - Pump Flow
04. H.O.T - Iyah | video
05. Moon Hee Jun - Generous (Ballad Version) | video (original)
06. Moon Hee Jun - I (Human Indiviual Cloning) | video
07. H.O.T - Haengbok | video
08. JTL - Just Say Goodbye (Remix) | video (original)
09. Tony Ahn - Melody | video
10. Jang Woo Hyuk - S scenario

Ones that I didn't put up there but would cry if I didn't include:

01. H.O.T - TooJi | video
02. Jang Woo Hyuk - Scream
03. Tony Ahn - I'm Sad
04. H.O.T - We Are The Future | video
05. Moon Hee Jun - Obsession | video

So I didn't exactly follow the rules. Sorry. I'm also very sad that no material from Jae Won or Kangta's solo stuff that could fit in my top 15. And nothing from Group S, either. But really, my true obsession falls along the H.O.T → JTL → Woo Hyuk and Tony line, with a few Hee Jun exceptions.
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