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I've found that it is so much easier to change my layout in S2 now that I have the code I like all set up. I just have to make a new banner and change the colors. It's kind of amazing.

Anyway, on to the content.

Grimmjow, whom I've pretty much been in love with since the first time he showed up in the manga. Since I'm only now catching myself up with the show, and have finally seen him in action, I can easily say that my love is renewed. Even though he's kind of a freak. No, scratch that, he is a freak. But let's face it, half the characters in this show are freaks, so that doesn't really say much.

I might be the only person who likes him a lot more than Ulquiorra, who is cool, but not nearly as badass as my boy here.
Tags: hollowtime, layout gear, not cartoons, shit i handle
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