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Sad Real Life Stories: Volume One

So I was sitting on the couch in the living room (the thing seats six so I was taking up at least half of it while getting comfortable) and watching episode 27 of Fushigi Yuugi (the one when Tamahome finds his family butchered and goes all ogre on Suboshi's pathetic ass) when my sister came in with literally an armful of double stuffed oreo cookies. She knows I hate those fucking things and I was really glad the couch was so big so I wouldn't have to smell them or something. Anyway near the end of the episode I hear three plop noises next to me and look over to see three oreos sitting on the cushion next to mine leading to a larger pile on the next one. I look up silently at my sister's grinning face and she says simply, "They're coming to get you."

*Shakes head* Siblings.

I watched episode 106 of Prince of Tennis again this morning before bed... because it makes me happy... it makes me very happy. Eiji is such a cutie. Like when Kaidoh asks him what he's doing and he makes that nyah sound... oh and the face... *anime-loving girly swoon* I love it.

I'm gonna try to remember to watch Teen Titans tonight cause my brother isn't around and he usually tells me. But I plan to play some Diablo II in a few minutes and I don't know if in an hour and a half I'll be watching the clock or not. I need to get a little beeper that goes off five minutes before everything I need to do.
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