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From the doctor

1. She tells me that she finds it odd that I have nearly all of the symptoms of PCOS, but the blood work came back negative for everything she tested for.

2. Unfortunately, the statement "I have nearly all the symptoms of PCOS" means I do, in fact, have cysts on my right ovary. So that's awesome. Note the sarcasm. Also note the pain I'm in.

3. She's not giving me anything for it, the treatment of it, or to relieve the pain of it, because she says they "come and go" and she scheduled me for another ultrasound for two months from now. Until then, it's pain. And no Gackt. Which is great except for the pain part. This also implies that this may not be the end, but the beginning, of my ovarian cyst adventure.

4. She can't give me medicine for my throat because there's no infection, but she's referring me to a doctor that might find a reason to remove my, and I quote, "massive tonsils". What kind of doctor tells their patient any part of them is massive? MASSIVE TONSILS.

5. Because I am now riveting her in regards to my health, as I have every doctor in the history of doctors who have had the pleasure of treating me, she has no idea why I still, after five weeks, feel like I'm going to throw up all the time. She also has no idea why my chest is so tight. So she's giving me medication and scheduling some kind of scan where I have to drink something funny then go in. I can't really understand the things she says sometimes, but I know it wasn't a CAT scan.

6. The ancient nurse is evil and I want my doctor to stab her with a scissors. That doesn't have anything to do with my health. It's just a wish.
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