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Adventures in Totemia Grinding

So Flyff. I fully took advantage of the 1.5x EXP event that went down this weekend. My mother was away for the whole time, so I leveled my girl to 40 (finished today, though) and my new boy to 19, which was fun because I've never been anything but a merc in this game.


For most of yesterday's play, I was in one area on the first channel, which is always super busy, and I'll explain why. I call this post:

When I started, I was competing for baddies with two mob hunting partner groups, two normal mercs, one supercunt merc, and two magicians. Or maybe it was an assist and a magician. One of those.

Funny bit of conversation where one mob-killing assist cock-blocked the dumbass who was following him around.

This is the supercunt merc. Running around killing things where big groups of people already were, begging for buffs and, here's the best part, that fight going on in the back there is with a giant. Giants aren't easy, especially when they're level 40 or so, which that one is. And when you fight them, you need to pay attention so you don't die a lot. Seconds before that cap was made, the supercunt merc ran up to the fight and asked him what level he was. It's like... bitch, can't you see that he is fucking busy?? He was level 45, btw.

Some glitches that I found fascinating. The first one is a self-standing Protection buff. The second one is the game's inability to comprehend that dude's guild data, haha.

Another conversation I caught whiff of while I was fighting elsewhere in the area. These two players were standing next to each other and comparing the levels and classes of their siblings? I wonder if my brother ever has conversations like this about me... but I mean for like... other MMOs that I'm better at. "My sister's got a level 60 Elummoner Druid, yo."

Sick-ass assist popped by and gave me more buffs than I cared to count. The first three along the side were my own personal buffs, but he gave me the rest. I hardly missed at all for about eight minutes.

The best part of the entire experience? I finally got the 30 quest items I needed, went back to town, then found out that I didn't need 30, but 35, and ended up going back to get five more, anyway.
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