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Unfortunate Happenings

So last night before I went to bed I re-watched (for the millionth time) the first four episodes of Fushigi Yuugi. Not too exciting, I know... but when I got up this morning, I put the dvd back on and watched episodes 5-10 in that one sitting. Ok, ok, normal enough. I went and found some Cape Cod chips and when I came back I had this sudden immediate urge to skip the next 36 fricken episodes and ended up watching the last ten episodes instead of rewatching the entire series. But then I realized... that is exactly what happened the last time I decided to watch some FY ... I watched the first and last ten episodes and that was it. So what of those 36 phantom episodes from the middle that I rarely see anymore? The world may never know. And its not like I don't like them or something... cause I do! I mean, Tasuki doesn't even come in until episode 13 or 14... and he's easily easily my favorite character... easily.

So... yeah... oddness.

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