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Started playing Flyff again because I miss having MMORPGs in my computer. I remember my last computer, which had Corum, Flyff, Diablo II and Maple Story for me to enjoy, but this computer and it's Vista has, until now, put a stop to my MMOing. After some fighting, I got Flyff to work, but I can't complain because I pretty much love it.

I deleted my old chick and started a new one, who will replace my dude. I'll miss my dude, but I can just make a new one that isn't screwed up and weak. It's almost sad that the build I gave the new female out-powers my old dude by nearly 50% and she's one level lower than him. But that's the difference of experience, I guess. I knew what I wanted her to do so I built her that way and I love her.

So, in true Liz fashion, I've screen capped her growth up until right before I bought her her newest sword:

And that's pretty much how I've been distracting myself from my stomach ache. I am kind of sad that it's so expensive to change hair style and color now, but I have the 6 million if I really feel the need to. And I kind of do. She'd look kind of sick with white hair, especially with her nice blue uniform.
Tags: eff for fun, imagery, my sick, picspam, v. games
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