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Yeah, I know I've already talked about this a load of times, but I can't help it and I started a new game in it yesterday. I've played enough video games in my time to know when something is epic enough to talk about for years. I deeply regret not getting as soon as it came out and every time I play it, I get chills.

There's something so beautiful and so exciting and so frightening about this game and I just can't get enough of it. In my top five favorite games of all time? Yes. The music itself is my second favorite game OST ever, right after Chrono Cross.

This is the intro to the game that plays before the title/option screen. It basically just shows Wander and Agro going to and entering the forbidden land. When they go through the entrance and onto the bridge and it gives you that amazing view of that part of the area, I physically shiver. Every time. I think this is a newer development after having played the game through, though, because I always think of all the areas I'd explored, and how fucking long it takes to run that bridge for real.

I guess, for me, this game is epic because its so emotional and beautiful and scary all at the same time. It's short, sure, if you just play through and beat them all one after another. But if you don't get lost looking for a few of them, you aren't playing it right. And if you don't waste at least ten hours getting lost on purpose and exploring the cliffs, beaches, forests, lakes and ruins, you need to find a new game to play because you don't deserve this in your life. And if you don't jump off one bridge or ridge or waterfall thinking "it's a deep lake, I'll live", you aren't having fun with it either. ^^ And if the underwater fight with the eel colossus doesn't give you nightmares or at least make you get up to turn the lights on, you aren't human.

And I'm super pumped that I still have two SOTC icons in use. Giant dead tree, I love you.
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