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Let's get personal now

For those of you who don't talk to me on a regular basis, here's the down and ugly of my current health situation. About a week ago, I was kept up all night with horrible, horrible stomach discomfort. I say discomfort because it wasn't pain. It just felt like something icky was at the top of my stomach. No good. It didn't get better the next day (Tuesday), and it eventually led to some chest pain. The pain was moving around my chest, but it was mostly on the right and in the center. I ended up calling Dr. Najarkar at like 8:30pm and she told me that I was too young for it to be a heart issue and told me to take a prilosec, which my mother had some of, lucky me.

The next few days were a little better, but I never completely recovered. My stomach feels gross and I don't want to eat, but I do eat because it actually makes me feel better. I take the prilosec every morning, because you're actually supposed to take it every morning for 14 days. My big issue is that I have never had a heartburn problem until now, and that's really what it feels like. Heartburn that won't go away. My father suggested that I take a zantac, because that's what he takes. My father is a relatively impatient man, so I can see why he'd use zantac instead. Tums, Pepto, Gas-X... these things do not work for whatever is going on in my stomach.

Up until last night, everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Aside from a dull tightness in my chest and slight discomfort in my stomach, I was gold. I was willing to credit my doctor's masterful prilosec plan. Still am, really, but I made a big mistake. My mother wanted Taco Bell. My stomach was accepting everything I put in it, so I thought: Nachos Bell-fucking-grande!


I was up all night again. The toilet is my friend. It's like my body completely reverted back to last Tuesday morning. I do feel a lot better than I did when I first woke up, though. That's a plus. I took my prilosec, ate half of a heath bar because, well, I wanted to. Had some beverages. My chest feels tight and my stomach sour, but at least I'm not curled in a ball, clutching my stomach and crying. <.< I did that last Tuesday.

So I guess I can't eat Taco Bell anymore. I will cry for the loss of my nachos.
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