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I don't know why I do it. Every time I watch a DBSG video, it makes me miss them, especially some of the older videos from when I was a real crazy. It just makes me feel like there's something less now... or something. I don't know. It's weird.

I can even stand to watch Yunho if it was before the teeth.

I'm also somewhat upset that the only DBSG icons I have are my two anti-Yunhos and I tend to try not to use those unless I'm actually anti-Yunhoing. So I was making this post and realized there are none. And the last time I made DBSG icons by choice, not involving SuJu or a meme, was December 20th of 2006.

Ah, how things change.

And I just realized that Ian has my photobook. I really hope she didn't lose it because it's really my only piece of DBSG merch and the only physical proof I have that I ever really liked them. Plus, it was a gift. And KangTeuk is in it.
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