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Season 2 + Pit

Ah, SYTYCD again. ^^ Am I annoying yet?

Someone on the lovely SYTYCD community posted this this morning. It makes me miss Season 2 a lot. I wish there could be a season of this show that was even close to how good, great and epic Season 2 was. Maybe next year.

Also, why aren't there any decent Pit icons in the world? Every Pit icon is a shit quality cap, ruined by coloring or text or looks like it was made at the very end of a set just to make the table an even number. No Pit love? Even TP!Link is getting the short end of the SSBB icon stick. It's all about Toon Link and Kirby. And those dudes from Mother. And Marth. Sometimes Samus. I'm not picky. All I want is a normal Pit icon. I'll even deal with text if it at least has his face on it. I'm not into this just wings thing people like to do to the boy. Sometimes the text is truly awful, though. Yeah, he has wings. He's an angel. We get it. These are things everyone and their mother knows about Pit. I'd like to see one icon with something totally random on it. Something that doesn't have anything to do with wings, angels or religion.

God only knows what I'd do with a decent Pit and Link icon. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Oh yeah and I found Advent Children at Walmart yesterday, which was surprising enough, and since I never actually owned it on DVD, I asked my mother to spend the $9 on me. Had to promise to clean her closet, though. And now I'm like... $9 for Advent Children? Awesome, but I hate Walmart for putting this movie on the bargain rack.
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