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Just thought I'd let anyone who is on my Webkinz friends list know that I sent out Charm Forest food packages this morning. I only recently found out that the number of RL charms you've purchased directly effects how many forest charms you can obtain, and I've only bought two and they're discontinued now or something, so all I'm getting in the forest is funky fairy food and t-shirts and sometimes money. And the new star challenge thing they added... I don't get it. So I spent like 275 KC (55 x 5 of you) sending out pretty blue packages of weird foods, since I think all but one of you are charmless at this point. Enjoy. And play Webkinz more. D:

Also, I took another cap of my random rare shit room:

It's kind of getting too full for my liking, so any of you can pick something out that you'd like, if you're interested. Except, of course, for the Curbside Cuisine Fridge (the raccoon is retired now!?), King's Guard Suit of Armor, and Classic Christmas Tree. And maybe the Roadster Go-Kart. I haven't decided if I want to put it in Sirius' room yet or not.

If you want anything, I'll have to send it tomorrow, though, because (unless they changed it) I can only send three items to a person a day and I already sent you all that charm forest food. ^^

Oh, and I put this together for a friend. It's all the rare clothes I have that isn't being worn by one of my pets. ~~Clothes image~~ The costumes are hard to send, since I can only send 3 items a day, and I only have one full lion set, so I don't know if I'm completely willing to give that up. And I might not give up the Terry Robe. Also, I don't know if the Christmas hats are rare or not, but I couldn't find them in the shop, so I'll say yes.
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