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Heh heh heh

Personally, I've got no major beef with the style, I just think the French youngins could find something better to do with their time. Like... not wave their arms around and call it dancing. That's a start.

Call me a break dancing fan but, well, I'm a break dancing fan.

Also, thank you, SYTYCD community for reminding me that I was trying to ignore the fact that this exists. :D

EDIT: One more comment on the style itself, that just came to me while I was making a sandwich: Shit dancing aside, if Jey-Jey cut his hair and was, you know, less gay... I would be all over that. I guess that doesn't have anything to do with the style, but the delusional social outcasts that dance it. <.< But seriously, if that dude gave what he has to, I don't know, a decent dance style, he would be a small god. I'm convinced.
Tags: roll the reel, trufax
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