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Oh, FF. You so crazy

I think I'll start this by saying that I love Final Fantasy XII. Everything about it. The characters, the story, the battle system, the music, the voices, Balthier, the baddies and yes, the locations. More specifically the ruins and mines. My favorite place in the game is the Necrohol of Nabudis. I've turned that place inside out, top to bottom. I've wasted at least 20 hours of my life in that place. Okay, I like the ruins and mines.

But there is one location in particular that makes me kind of wtf.

I found it about half a year ago and questioned it, but didn't go back again until last night (I was busy with other games for most of that time... I'm not really that lame) after getting completely stuck in the Garamsythe Waterway because of the flooding and, not wanting to go all the way back around (for fucks sake, people, make this game a little more annoying), I decided to get out through the Barheim Passage instead.

Big mistake. I ended up whipping out my camera to take a few choice shots just so I could satisfy myself.

I don't recall the name of the area I was in, but it's in the second half of the passage, after you go back in to get Zalera. From where I stood, I could see that long lighted bridge with the bombs all over it. That's actually part of the wtf for me.

Okay. Here we are. Balthier, Fran, Penelo. Standing on the tracks and looking back the way I walked in. There's rubble. Ceiling caved in, I suspect. Whatever, it's ruins. I don't know how it happened. All things considered, this looks like a pretty decent piece of track. Generally free of debris, aside from the major cave-ins.

Rotating the camera around some, you can see the bridge behind the team. At this point I'd like to make note that there doesn't seem to be any railway equipment (platform, lever, fuck, even a bucket) on this side of the tracks. Nothing to indicate that this is anything more than a portion of track on a much larger, longer segment.

Rotated the camera again to see it from above. It's obvious that this is a ruined track. Pieces of the walls/ceiling/other structures/whatever are covering the tracks. Nothing will be using them, in other words. Again, note that there is no equipment indicating that this would be a place to stop the train/wagon/whatever. Still just a free piece of track.

So... where the fuck is it going? Unless I'm blind and stupid, what I'm looking at right there is the side of the fucking bridge. For those who have played the game, you know that that bridge is a pretty solid structure. I think there's some blocked off areas and one or two caved in portions, but nothing that shows that the bridge's level has lowered since the area went into ruin. From the platform above, you can walk right out onto the bridge without a dip or anything like that. And the track the team is on is also completely level from where the track merges with the rest earlier on in the area.

Somewhere in this 15 or 20 feet of collapsed track and earth, there must be a giant cushion that stops the trains and wagons when they come down from the other side, because I am not seeing any other way that this segment of track would be useful to anyone. It drives into a fucking bridge. A giant, metal, beast of a bridge.

I'd also like to call into question as to why an abandoned, unused underground mine is still lit. Given, it would be rather difficult to move around in, especially with all the cave-ins you need to move around, but think of how much energy a place this big is eating up just to keep lit. I know it's a video game, but come on.
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