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So, I was going to make a post completely about how Panic at the Disco needs to GTFO of my Asia, but I realized while I was pressing 'update' that I really don't care seeing as I'm not paying all that much attention to Kpop as it is. So whatever.

I want to play Shadow of the Colossus, but it seems to be missing and I think my brother has something to do with it. This is my guess because I know it was in my room, where my PS2 lives, and I cleaned out my room yesterday and didn't find it. I think I really will murder him this time. Murder because he let someone borrow Symphony of the Night two years ago and I still don't have it back. I think he gives away my games. WTF.

No news on the new job. Computer is still trucking. Car is in one piece.

Also, I saw Hancock yesterday and have no idea what everyone is on about. I really liked it. Then again, one of my favorite movies in the world is D2: The Mighty Ducks, so maybe my opinions on movies don't really meet the standards of your average film critic. Besides, I'd just like to point out the $66 million Hancock brought in. Despite how crap everyone says it is, these people still seem willing to fork out the cash to see it.

Humanity. I laugh.
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