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This one

So. I've made myself a new layout, as some of you may be aware, but I can't change over to it because I'm just not sick of this one yet. But I really want to use the new one, too. I don't think I've ever had this problem.


verticalpencil: I totally don't have updates when you upload new icons
Degac Creep: D:
Degac Creep: omg
Degac Creep: I can't upload icons anymore
verticalpencil: why @_@
Degac Creep: thats creepy, man
Degac Creep: what if I upload a buttload at once?
Degac Creep: omg
Degac Creep: I feel kind of violated haha
verticalpencil: >>;
Degac Creep: and also kind of like a celebrity
verticalpencil: I can take it off?
verticalpencil: i'm always amused by your icons
Degac Creep: I don't know how to feel about this
Degac Creep: like
Degac Creep: I knew there was an option to watch someone's icons
Degac Creep: I just didn't think anyone used it
Degac Creep: I was always like
Degac Creep: what kind of useless option is that
verticalpencil: haha
verticalpencil: it gives me email
verticalpencil: i hardly ever get email anymore
verticalpencil: so
verticalpencil: ><;
Degac Creep: that time that I deleted like 30 and added like 22
Degac Creep: did you get 22 emails
verticalpencil: >> Lmao
verticalpencil: yeah
Degac Creep: omg
Degac Creep: what
Tags: layout gear, the logs of chat
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