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Ass fire

Everything possible is going wrong right now. One car broke (my car) so my mother bought another cheap one, but now doesn't like it so she wants to sell it to my sisters so she can get a different one. And then the van broke so it's far away getting fixed right now... plus I had a serious breakdown when it wouldn't work and I had to deal with the shop and the tow guy, whom I think I might have known because he had my name down on the slip as "Liz" and he was standing really close to me and talking to me like we've hung out before, but I swear I don't know him. Not familiar. Well maybe a little.

And it's hot. It's like 79. Really want to move to Alaska.

And I'm pooping fire. Jesus. It's like flames in my ass.
(And there's the promise of you hearing about my poop)

Good news is, I might (probably) have a job. Now I can earn monies to help my mother out. And I can buy things that I want. Finally. I don't get things that I want, like... ever. PSP, Odd Hours, Suikoden II, lunch at Kays, my rat, Le Coq Sportif shoes, Mokona hat, new DVD player, Twilight Princess, new external, etc etc etc - all denied
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