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So I know most (if not all) of you fine folks use S2 layouts. I've decided to create my own S2 layout for myself (see also: permanently deform someone else's code to my liking) and after a few days of fighting with the code, I finally have it how I like it. Except for one thing.

I built the layout on one of the many test journals I have from way back when and that journal happens to be a free account. It was perfect until I put the code into this, my permanent account. Instead of switching me over to a nice, clean, pretty, white, standard page when I go to view my comments on any entry, I am forced to view it in the style of the journal. I already checked, and I don't have it set to do this and I really, really don't want it. Like, I don't want it so much that I am willing to scrap the two days of mind-numbing CSS modifications just because I don't want to deal with that.

The source of the original code, which I butchered within two inches of it's poor CSS life and you can hardly tell someone else created it originally, states that there are customizable options for the comments pages in the style of the layout for paid/plus accounts, which I already knew about because I promptly fucking removed it while modifying the code. Even after replacing this chunk of code and modifying it, I am still not pleased. I want the white comment page.

So my question goes out to anyone who does their own CSS code or is at least savvy enough in the coding to know how to make this sort of thing not happen.

Pleeeeeeeease help Liz out. D:
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