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Steve > Liv

Degac Creep: I don't want to see hulk because liv is in it and when I lay eyes on her, I want to tear my face off with my bare hands
verticalpencil: o.-
verticalpencil: I didn't know who else was in it
verticalpencil: i just know Fight club guy~
Degac Creep: the only reason she's getting into movies now is because some fool decided to put her in lotr
Degac Creep: and lets face it, her performance in that was a crime to the art
Degac Creep: not to mention I'm INSANELY jealous she even got to stand next to viggo
Degac Creep: I call bullshit on her entire career
Degac Creep: and I hope all of her children grow up to have their grandfather's lips
verticalpencil: Yes...She was horrible for Arwen
Degac Creep: nothing against steve
verticalpencil: lol
Degac Creep: he's pretty awesome
verticalpencil: his lips re scary though
Degac Creep: its just the lips
Tags: flicks, the logs of chat
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