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Full Alphabet Meme

This... took forever. Which I'm sure most of you have felt already. Read on.

A is for Apples
Not just a tasty fruit that ruins no diets. Oh no. Apples are also a rather effective counting tool used on first and second graders here in the USA. Sadly, that is where the effectiveness ends, as it does not work on teenage Only13 ELFs, who continue to walk around with their heads up their asses and deny simple mathematics. As a person who rather enjoys math, I spit on the shoes of ELF.

B is for Bangable Boys
Supposing this topic is just guys I'd like to fuck and not something by that specific name, I'm going to say I'd like to fuck Kangin. I'd like to jump him, knock him down, rip his clothes off, and have my way with him. I'm realistic enough to know this won't happen outside the confines of my imagination, but it gives me sufficient motivation when I'm bored and masturbating seems the only way to go. I'd also like to fuck Woo Hyuk. I have a feeling that would be lovely. And by lovely I mean hot as fuck. I also would not throw Song Seung Heon out of my bed. That man has a suaveness about him that cannot be rejected by any man-loving human. I like my men bulky or classy, and if I can get a mix of the two, I'll take it and will never complain.

C is for Cats
Outside of asian music, dancers, anime and video games, cats are my life. I have seven cats right now. Little Bit (Bitten), Cool Beans (the mother), Homestar Runner, Sassy, Helix (or Quincy), LuLu and Grey. Grey never got a real name because we weren't going to keep him then got stuck with him and never thought up something good enough to fit him. You people probably figured out my obsession long ago, but it's pretty obvious with my picture posts, which, more often than not, are mostly pictures of my cats. I love them. I just love cats.

D is for Donghae
I don't have a lot to say about Donghae. It's not because I don't love him, because I do. It's just that everything I can say about him, everyone already knows. He's the default likable member of a group that's big enough to push any of the members into the background easily. I have yet to come across a person who dislikes him. Everyone has the members they like and dislike, and while he may not be everyone's favorite, nobody seems to dislike him. He's lovely.

E is for E.L.F
Heh. Well I think my opinion on ELF is pretty well-known at this point. I think what it really boils down to is I don't like violent, delusional crazies. It's hard to have respect for a group of fangirls with a serious case of glass-house syndrome (or pot-kettle-black syndrome, if that pleases you more). Oh, fanboys were mean to you? Awww, well let me forget all the stupid bullshit you guys have ever done and feel bad for you. No, I will. Right now. And I am so sick of hearing about how ELF went and cleaned up some beach or whatever the fuck it was "in the name of Super Junior". Please. You idiots wouldn't have done it if you weren't trying to pump up your idol group. Don't act like you all have hearts of gold because of your generous gesture. And just because you do something in the name of someone else doesn't make it their good deed. I, for one, would hate to have my reputation as a good person built up for me by a group of crazies. Yes, I know, I shouldn't point the finger of crazy at Super Junior fangirls, as I had my boyband once and I was nuts. But I never pestered a girl until she killed herself just because she stood next to Woo Hyuk. And I never skipped school to protest (mostly because I live in the US, but I wouldn't have if I was over there). Guess what? My group broke up. Guess what else? I survived.

F is for Favorites
Favorite what? Just favorites? Well, my favorite color is blue. Number is 3 (though I'm partial to 35 for fandom reasons). Food is mushrooms. Soda is Diet Coke. Non-cola beverage is iced tea. Shape is triangle. Perfume is Haiku (or Noir, if I'm in a dude mood). Song is JTL's "Without Your Love". Animal is buffalo. Occupation is pirate. Video game is Suikoden (or Suikoden II, it's too close to tell). Anime is Bleach. Kpop pairing is TonHyuk. Video game pairing is Axel/Roxas (or Squall/Seifer. Deliver me, VG pairing gods!). Movie is Event Horizon. Dessert is peach pie. Brawl character is Pit. Historical attraction is Old Sturbridge Village. Natural attraction is Acadia National Park. I think that's good enough for now.

G is for Gay marriage in Cali
Ugh. Massachusetts was cool for a while with it's gay marriage. Now California is stealing the limelight away. Liz doesn't like.

H is for H.O.T
H.O.T was my boyband obsession. To this day, I have not been able to replace them with any other boyband. I tried DBSG because it presented a good line-up of talent and looks, but my inability to listen to shitty ballads for long periods of time made it impossible for me to get into them too much. Super Junior is great, but it just doesn't feel the same. I support all five boys as solo artists. I buy their albums, even if I know I won't like them, like with Kangta. Again with the shitty ballads. But I love him so I support him anyway. I don't think anyone could ever replace Woo Hyuk for me. He's it. While Hyuk Jae is close (and the "monkey" thing makes me think he's a TonHyuk love child), he's still no dice. To me, H.O.T is the group to beat, and no boyband has done it for me yet.

I is for Itachi
I have to assume that this is from Naruto, seeing as Kit is a freak and listed four Naruto-related topics, and because I don't know another Itachi. But let's get to it. Itachi is... entertaining. I guess I don't have much of an opinion on him overall. He went from annoying to entertaining during the kidnapping Gaara bit. He's cool, I guess. Evil and crazy maybe. But cool.

J is for Jang Woo Hyuk
Really, what more can I say? Already on this post I've expressed how awesome it would be to sleep with him and just how over-the-top obsessed I am with him. So. Oh, I like the way he dances. ^^ I love dancers, especially male dancers. I am insanely critical when it comes to dancers, which is why I don't like many female "dancers". I do not categorize "booty shaking" as dancing. I like originality and skill, please. Any hot chick can shake their ass. A truly talented female dancer will find a way to stand out and make a name for herself. But I digress. Woo Hyuk. He's just amazing at what he does and everyone, including himself, knows it.

K is for Kangin
Haha. Like I haven't revealed enough about my thoughts on him already. I think, without any doubt in my mind, that he's a biscuit if I've ever seen one. Or a meatball. These terms basically just mean he's unintelligent, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't jump him in a nanosecond. Oh, I would. He's a fool, an idiot, loud and annoying, but after all is said and done, it really doesn't matter to me. I think what it all really comes down to is he seems normal to me. He's just a regular dude with mediocre talent that only stands out because he won't shut up. And he's fucking sexy.

L is for Lee Hyuk Jae
When I first laid eyes on Hyuk Jae, I knew he'd be my favorite member of Super Junior. Why? Because he reminded me of Woo Hyuk, and while I knew he would never replace him, I couldn't help myself. After the fact, I think Hyuk Jae needs to calm down sometimes, because he tends to say and do things that make it hard for me to say he's my favorite member. Sometimes I think I only say he's my favorite because I'm used to it, and Kangin is really my favorite. That seems to be what most people think, anyway. It doesn't matter. The boy can dance and I like to watch him do it.

M is for Mark
I have to assume this is Mark from SYTYCD. I think Mark is very talented at what he does. I think he's very original, and as I already explained above, I love that. I think the best thing a dancer can bring to this world is originality and Mark has it falling out of his ass. I think he's borderline crazy, as well as borderline homosexual, but it really is so hard to tell with male contemporary dancers. It's hard like it's hard to tell with male ballet dancers. Mark is creepy, but it's just enough creepy to be acceptable and to overlook if I have to. So far this season, he's shown that he's not only good at what he does, but he's good at what everyone else does, too. I hope he lasts a long time in the competition.

N is for No
No. :D

O is for Orochimaru
*Sigh* Okay. This is embarrassing, but I think I could be in love with him. It's not a creepy old bad guy thing, but more a hair thing. Anime dudes and their insanely sexy hair. It'll be the death of me. After that, I think he's pervy and gross and why the hell won't he just stick with one body and deal with it? Rotting arms. No fucking way. I get the need to swap that one out, but come on, man. Pick one and go with it. And stop making yourself look like you, dude. It's creepy. And kind of sexy. Okay I'm done.

P is for Porn
Most days of the week, I don't need porn. But sometimes, like when I'm bored and think 'oh, hey. I could be masturbating', porn does it's job well. I'm not really picky, though. I'm not so into watching dudes get themselves off. I like straight and gay and whatever else they want to throw in. I guess I'm just easy to please.

Q is for Queers
At first I thought this said 'Queens' so I thought up all this shit to talk about only to discover that it actually says Queers. Which isn't so bad, I guess. So queers. I may be one of the only people I know who uses the term 'queer' to describe something odd, and it pisses off certain people, who are some of those gay people who freak out when anything negative is said about fags. Sorry to tell you, gay population, but the terms "gay" and "queer" were used long before you stole them for your own selfish purposes. That said, I've fucked more girls than guys, so I guess that makes me a queer, as well.

R is for Renji
The thing said 'Reiji or whatever his name is' and since I don't think I know a Reiji, I've decided it actually means Renji, from Bleach and whom I love. It might just be a red-headed dude thing, but Renji is hot. I mean. Come on. Look at him. He's all muscle and smirk and tattoos and YES PLEASE. I like me some Renji. This is not to say he's my favorite character in the show, because he's not, but even I can admit when something is fan-fucking-tastic and Renji is just that. He's rough and tough and rude and hello to taking your shirt off for no reason. Fuck, if I had that many tattoos, I'd take my shirt off all the time, too.

S is for Summertime
I hate it. Even living here in New England, I find the summers too hot for comfort and summer comes right after spring, which is the season that destroys me because of my allergies. Give me a year-round autumn and I'll be set for life. That might also be a New England thing, too, because I fucking love the way the trees look in autumn. It just reminds me of Halloween and the history here and all the beautiful scenes I've seen in my life here. But summer. Ugh.

T is for Toddlers
Really, I don't like kids. Because of this, it may or may not be fortunate that I am unable to carry children. If I ever have the need to be a mother, I'll adopt.

U is for Uzamaki Naruto
Okay. Third Naruto-related topic. *Glares in a certain direction* I think my opinion on Naruto, as a character, is that he is a complete biscuit. He annoys me and I really don't know how someone thought a story could be built up around someone like him. But somehow it worked. he's become far less annoying in Shippuuden, I'll admit. This may or may not be because it's easier to look at him without wincing because of the costume exchange. And although orange is not my favorite color in the world, I really appreciate the black instead of blue, because the blue/orange contrast was killing my eyes. He's still too loud and annoying for me to accept completely, but as far as unlikely heroes go, he's got a little something going for him.

V is for Video Games
One of my life passions. I cannot recall any time in my life where video games didn't play a large part. Even my SN here on LJ is video game-related. For those who don't now, haven't paid attention, or haven't been here long enough to know, Oulan is a character from Suikoden II (and you can see her in the current layout of acony_icons). I really love the Suikoden series. It's my favorite RPG series ever. With the possible exception of IV, I have yet to be really disappointed by the games. Sure, they turned my favorite character into a super baddie and then killed him off, but that's Luc for you, and I totally accept that that is something he would do. The vastness of characters, backstories, settings and possibilities is amazing. I really wish more people I know were even close to as into the series as I am. Suikoden aside, there are so many other games I like, from my first games on the Atari right up to the most recent of video game releases on the popular systems. My console of choice is the PS2, as my gaming experience with it has yet to be outdone. I've fallen for more games, characters and stories on the PS/PS2 than any other console. If you strike up a conversation with me about video games, I won't shut up. You know something means a lot to me when I voluntarily give up computer time to sit my ass in front of a TV for hours on end.

W is for Worst Pairings Ever
HoRella. CinHae. KangChul. TeukChul. TonTa.
These pairings give me cancer. Cancer of the soul.

X is for Xena
Xena, while also being the start of my women lovin', was probably my first TV show obsession outside the cartoon/anime world. No joke, Xena and Callisto were totally the start of my ventures into bisexuality and I am not ashamed to admit that. And at the age of 12, it was probably the first show I obsessively watched every week. That and Hercules, but I know I was only watching it for when familiar characters showed up. I loved everything about the show, from the characters to the story to the scenery and I still, to this day, watch a few episodes a week just to make myself happy. Xena is amazing.

Y is for Yuppies
Okay, I'm going to be honest. I don't know what the fuck yuppies are. But the name implies either really cool or really dumb. So... uh... I'll just say I'm on the fence.

Z is for Zabuza (or zoos...or Zabuza and Haku at a zoo whatever)
I think they would visit the monkeys first. ^^
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