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Family Get-Together

So I got back a few hours ago but didn't want to say anything about the day right off. It was so bad. I sat outside at a picnic table all day from like, 11 am to 4 pm... well, I got up to pee once, but that was it. That part (the peeing) was surprising because I drank like 14 cans of coke or something. I brought the camera, of course so I have some choice photos and movies of my entire fucked up family and only one picture of myself because I ended up not going with the sea urchin do because I fell asleep on it and when I woke up it hurt like all hell and I had to take it out.

But, I saw all the cool relatives too, which was awesome... like Uncle Tom and Linda. There were some really strange unrelated folk there too, but I'm not getting into that. Me and my sister were allowed to drink but I really only sat there with an open can and swapped with my sister when she emptied hers. I didn't even sip the stuff cause I don't even like the taste now. They tried to get me to go swimming, but after a while I just started ignoring them cause how many times do you have to say you're not swimming before they get the hint??

Anyway, after I peed that one time, I called my cousin a shrimp and she got all offended and squirted my hair with water... which really sucked because it took me and my sister two and a half hours to straighten it and as soon as it gets wet... POOF! Curls and frizz everywhere. So... oh yeah, I almost fell asleep twice and me and Steph got into a fight near the end of the day because she said I was taking crap pictures and I told her she smelled like crap and she flipped me off in front of five or six little kids. It was funny.

I swear, though... today was like walking into a half-assed Kao convention. I saw three different Kao-like hairdos while I was at this get-together. I took pictures of two of them so I'll get those up as soon as I empty the camera. But boy, that made my day a hundred times over. And... oh, I fell asleep on the ride home for like an hour and I woke up all sick and with a super headache. Overrall, it was ok... but still not worth the horrible after effects.

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