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Oh, Ian

So I was going to make a big long post this morning about how the computer hates me, but, as it turns out, it's only my mother's account that has issues with AIM (even after uninstalling and reinstalling, it won't open individual IM windows unless I run the install again, which was leading me to believe that I was filling up the computer or something paranoid like that) and won't load the vista sidebar gadgets (they show up, but not complete). My account is just fine. So, for now, all is well in computer land.

And for lack of anything better to talk about, I'll now share the email Ian sent me this morning:

Dude. Quick comment. I can't type the word "changing" anymore without accidentally automatically typing in "Changmin".... this is bad. Other words sometimes get me too. "No" is now "Ne" and "Yes" is "Ye" only because of their typing similarities (coincidentally and perhaps unrelatedly, Yes and Ye mean the same, but that's no the point at all.) Also, because I was writing a fic awhile ago (need to start in on that fic again...) every time I go to write KyuHyun I write Sungmin and every time I go to write Sungmin I write Shindong. Thankfully, at the very least, I am not yet writing Kyuhyun when I attempt typing Shindong. "Yet" being the operative word here. And don't even get me started on bibimbap. Know how many times I've mistyped that? "Bimbimbap" and "bibibamp" and other such typographical errors, it would seem, are unacceptable respellings of the word. According to Mozilla, "respellings" isn't a word. Is that a word that you know of? Because apparently the browser doesn't accept unrelatedly or Myspace or Youtube or Facebook o Postsecret as words either. Or Livejournal. Blog it accepts. Intarwebs is not cool with it. Intarnets. Interblag. Nothing. Also, whenever I try to type "secret" I get "secter"... which according to Firefox is also not a word.

DUUUUDE. It's like 2 in the morning. I'm dead-ass exhausted and sleep is needed.

Just went to type the word "just" and got... prepare for this one... "Judy."

Anywho, I just thought of something. ("Anywho" is unacceptable as a word as well...) I find it funny when you switch around the hyphen in phrases correlating to the pattern "[adjective]-ass [noun]." For instance, "sweet-ass whip" would be "sweet ass-whip." That's funny. I didn't see that at first where I wrote pattern I had accidentally written "pater" which though it is in Spanish, Mozilla has accepted.

See you around, homie. Drop me a line. <33,

ps - Cocksmooch is also an unacceptable word. As is vaginitis and colonoscope. Dickass. Fucktard. Deedeedee. All red underlined. :(

After reading this through a few times, I've decided that it really does please me when she rambles like this. She sounds like a slightly less mature me as I am sure I have ranted about what words are acceptable by Mozilla and what words I type instead of actual ones as well as my fascinations with flipped hyphen terms. I think the only real difference here is I don't write dude with that many 'u's and I just... don't say homie. Talking to her is like talking to myself sometimes.

Degac Creep: I didn't have a cool dream at all
zzangbanghulweh: damn
Degac Creep: something about trees
Degac Creep: like I was watching a discovery channel special on trees
Degac Creep: for six hours
zzangbanghulweh: dear god
Degac Creep: yeah
Degac Creep: pretty much
Tags: dreamland, the logs of chat, trufax
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