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So, top 20.

I think, based on my impressions so far, for guys, I like Gev Manoukian, William Wingfield, Twitch and Matt Dorame and for girls it's Kourtni Lind, Kherington Payne and Comfort.

Then again, I didn't recognize like four of the guys and five of the girls when they announced them, so this is just based on what they've shown so far.

I'm also not so sure about Courtney Galiano and Susie Garcia. I could easily see myself loathing Susie, but she could be good, so I'll wait on that to judge. I just can't decide if I'd rather have her paired with a really good dancer or one of the weaker ones. Like, I don't want her to drag a good dancer down, but they could help her maybe.


But yeah, I really like Gev and I hope he does well.
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