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This long weekend

My mother came home on Friday and decided she wasn't going to go out to her friend's house as she usually does on Friday evening. Oh no. In fact, she decided that we were all going to the drive-in. :D Right. Let's get five members of the family together in one vehicle for a half an hour ride, only to show up there and hour early... then sit in the car together through two full-length movies. Mmm. Sounds good. Only not.

I knew there was going to be issues as soon as we picked up Stephanie. She spent the entire ride up there bitching about how I call her ex-"girlfriend" a beast. First of all, Stephanie, you are not gay. If I didn't think your ex-"girlfriend" was such a swamp thing, I'd feel bad for her because you led her on for so long. So you go on and bitch about gay rights and everyone else will roll there eyes behind your back because you clearly won't listen to reason. Just because all of your siblings are gay and all of your friends are "gay", that doesn't make you gay by default.

Anyway, I stayed awake through Drillbit Taylor, but fell asleep ten minutes into Indiana Jones, and that made me kind of sad. I woke up during the ride home because Stephanie was slapping me. So I slapped her back. Hard. I didn't get in trouble.

My mother went camping Saturday night and into Sunday, but nobody was online so I was kind of lonely. I'd also like to point out that my AIM was on all day today kind of on accident and I didn't know it. Nobody said anything to me. D:

But in other, weirder news, I recently discovered 100+ tiny little scars all over my back and shoulders. I was really freaked out at first because how can a person not know how they got that many scars? I like ran into my mother's room in near-hysterics, convinced I've been made bug food for the past few years. She reminded me of the time that I got so severely sun burned that I was in bed on my front for like a week and had... approximately that many blisters all over my shoulders and back and that is probably why I have all these tiny scars. I don't know how I looked over these scars for the past ten years. But I did.

Guess that's it for now.
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