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As it turns out, the ugliest member of Shinee is not the one who was stunted somewhere along on the evolutionary path and whom I've come to call The Baboon. Oh no. That title, in fact, goes to Joe Asian, and the runner up is Lips. Though I suspect Lips could get along as "average" if he got rid of that god awful bowl cut. Joe Asian, however, is a lost cause and the other members should eat him, because they sure as hell are not being fed enough.

But the song is good and I am proud to announce that I am not attracted to any of them, which is good because lusting over infant children is a no go for Liz. Even the eldest, who does actually turn out to be legal by my age standards, is still four and a half (or so, I didn't do the exact calculations) years younger than me and that... doesn't work in my head. I mean, at least with Super Junior, five of them are older than me so I don't feel like such an icky for lusting.

So I don't see me getting into this group too much. Though, I am totally pumped about them all being above average dancers. The last time so many good dancers showed up in one group was with Blackbeat, a group I lust over to this day. Or just Jae Won, whom I've dubbed my second favorite Korean dancer.

Now I have to watch clips. Oh, Blackbeat. How I miss you.
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