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A Couple More Colorbars

Going along with the crazy/evil/cruel theme I started this morning with "Dork is love" I made Ganesa is love because... well... who doesn't? Don't answer that, cause I know some of you like to be sarcastic bastards. Also, after the lovely anti-gackt morning I've had, I made one for him too cause Anti-Gackt <3.

Ganesa is love

< center >< img src="" >< br >< a href="" >Ganesa is love< /a >< /center >

Gackt is a tampon

< center >< img src="" >< br >< a href="" >Gackt is a tampon< /a >< /center >

ORIGINALLY, the Gackt one was totally gonna say "Gackt is Ghey" or "Anti-Gackt is Love" but in the end, I thought tampon would be funnier and well.. there it is. I been thinking about submitting them to the various jrock-related groups I'm part of, but I dunno. I need Shinmeister... tell me they're sexy and its so on.

So yeah, that's how I spent my morning. I hate to admit to already having those Gackt pictures in the computer... but... who the hell am I trying to fool here? You guys know the situation.
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