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Maybe I'm just blind?

I keep seeing people saying that that one guy from that new group looks like Heechul... but I'll be honest with you guys, I'm not seeing it.

Now, dude #1 (from the left) looks kind of like Soo Hyuk, whom I love, and I know doesn't look like Heechul even a little bit. So he's out. I mean, he does have that sort of "FEED ME PLEASE" body, but it seems okay, at least for now. I hope fans throw sandwiches on the stage when these guys debut.

Dude #2 may actually be a baboon and has this very debut Kyujong/Jungmin thing going for him where I see him and actually wince at the sight and wonder how the hell he got into a boyband with that face. This is also something I've wondered about a few members of Super Junior, Heechul included, but this kid doesn't really have the true horror of Heechul going for him, so a no go for him, too.

Dude #3 has this Danny Noriegblah thing going for him, which immediately causes me to hate the ground he walks on, but I'm trying to remind myself that there is no way in hell Korea would allow Noriegblah to disgrace their (arguably) good music scene with his (arguably) mediocre talent and too-tight pants.

And dude #4, while in need of a shotgun to destroy whoever dressed him that morning, has the "forgettable average joe asian" look about him that makes me suspect that he, like so many other mediocre faces, will simply fade into the background until he suddenly gets hot and everyone is like "wtf happened here" and he's like "YES BITCHES" and his fans are like "ha, we loved him first." And with this in mind, I doubt he could give me horrible screaming nightmares like Heechul does.

Dude #5 is a fag, sure, but not the kind of epic faggotry that's involved with Heechul. He should band together with dude #4 and murder their fashion consultant. Cause, I mean, there's "fag"... and then there's this guy. On a scale from 1 to Jungmin, this guy breaks the meter on gay appearance. Though maybe I shouldn't jump this gun just yet. I mean, he could very well turn out to be the straightest one among them.

So the mystery continues on.
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