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It's called trauma

So I was recently questioned as to why I don't read Super Junior fanfics so much anymore. It was part of a longer conversation, but this is the only part that really stood out. The answer is simple.

For every good SuJu fic in the world, there are ten other abominations of the written word, raping what I know to be English and warping it into something else. Then there are five that involve pairings within Super Junior that, for lack of a better word, squick me. Then three that involve DBSG, and almost always Yunho, one involving pudding or some other sloppy food, which I can't deal with... and an mpreg.

There should be like an automatic rating for every fic posted that clearly points out just how icky it is. And if it's mpreg, it immediately gets deleted. MEN CAN'T DO THAT, YOU SEE. IT'S CREEPY AND UNHOLY.

And HoRella is gross. Like... epic levels of gross. If in this world there is a HoRella mpreg, that is where human sanity ends. No no, wait, I can make it worse. HoRella... KangChul... mpreg. WITH PUDDING.

Tags: ok we can!, trufax
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