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Anti-Gackt Represent

Had an interesting conversation with niimura earlier... here, under lj cut, of course cause I love it, are some choice parts for your reading hatred:

Brute Locke: what ... oh... anti-Gackt... I love you
niimura76: i love you to *-*
niimura76: i hate him
niimura76: oohhh how i HATE him
niimura76: for so many fucking reasons
Brute Locke: heh heh, oh man, I guess you have an idea then
Brute Locke: nobody ever understands my hatred for that man
Brute Locke: they're always like "Meh, he looks nice and sings nice" and I'm like ""

niimura76: i hate him
niimura76: i know ive said that already
niimura76: ok
niimura76: i despise him
niimura76: i loathe him
Brute Locke: I loathe him is my personal fave
niimura76: i want him to DIE
Brute Locke: woah.... uneedful use of a Dir en Grey member name in a sentence about Gackt

niimura76: and i hate him so much it hurts
niimura76: *takes a deep shuddering breath*
Brute Locke: here have a mint, trust me, it helps
niimura76: *blinks up at you*
niimura76: *takes it*
niimura76: *chews on it for ten seconds*
niimura76: *glorious smile*
niimura76: like die eating the hot dog on a stick
Brute Locke: I mean, if you can look at Takuro of Glay without totally going boink, then a mint can handle all your Gackt woes
Brute Locke: thats my theory and I'm stinking to it
niimura76: boink?
Brute Locke: crazy, evil possession, exorcist mode
Brute Locke: that sort of thing

niimura76: *swallows*
niimura76: *tries not to gag*
niimura76: merrr
Brute Locke: another mint?
niimura76: *takes pack*
niimura76: *eats them all*

Wurd to all of that. There was more, but it was already getting way too long for comfort.
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