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Last night was crap

I hate watching American Idol usually, but something really dragged me in this year. I would say I don't know what it is, but I do, and it was Jason Castro. Over the past few weeks, the judges haven't liked what he's doing, and I get that. He's not like every other person on the show and he's not doing things their way to make them happy. Even David Cook, who I honestly believe should win at this point, but really only because he's the only one with the talent to not only do his own thing but also support their ways of doing it, is a complete sell-out, but that's okay most of the time because he's David fucking Cook and he can do whatever he or they want and still be a small musical god. But I digress.

Last night was, to the judges, horrible. But when Castro was performing I Shot the Sheriff, he just looked so right. No, it's not the sound they were looking for, because that's not him. He's not going to drop everything and become a balladeer just for the sake of winning the show. He's going to let his dreds down, skip out there with his guitar, and perform a small ritual to the drug gods, only to come back the next day, high off his mind and muttering to himself, sure he's going to leave, but his fans will come through in the end like they always do. He just looked so... happy. It looked to me like it was something he was really looking forward to doing, only to get crushed. And his "I was thinkin' BOB MARLEY!" at Simon just made me smile.

PLUS, just to note it here, Archuleta's comment about liking his song made me want to cry a little. That little kid did so much good by defending his fellow contestant, even though their competing with each other. If you didn't hear it, you can hear him saying it during his judge comments here:

On the one hand, I want him to stay because I love him and I'm sick of the manufactured crap that everyone else is giving the world. On the other, I'm so tired of the judges cutting him down and squashing him because they don't agree with how he does things and I believe that such a sweet kid needs to get out of there. That's not a good environment for him. And yes, he screwed up the lyrics on his second song, but if it had been me, I wouldn't have the strength to go out there for a second song, let alone remember all the lyrics and play the guitar, too. It's also a great possibility that he fucked up on purpose. His attitude when they were talking to him after he was done was like he didn't even care anymore. He didn't take in a thing they said to him. And maybe that's for the best.

I love you, Jason Castro, but I hope you go home tonight. You don't need that much negativity. You're an amazing artist, just not their amazing artist.
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