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So, in my epic ingeniousness, I switched my LJ scheme to Horizon or Vertical or Butthole or whatever from my beautiful and perfect oldschool one because it was, yet again, denying me access to my Scrapbook. Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem and I can only access my Scrapbook from IE and to make matters significantly worse, I cannot change the site scheme back so now I still can't get into my pictures on my browser of choice, and I have to get used to this fug-ass scheme so I can use it without wanting to kill myself for the rest of eternity. It is, to make an accurate comparison that some of you may understand, much like being forced to listen to Super Junior's failure with Haengass over and over and over while I'm trying to blog. I did not give Livejournal $150 so they could take a monster shit on my chest and force me to listen to poorly remade legendary songs of awesome.

It was too well written to just edit it out, so strike-out go! But mikage truly is a saint and is worthy of worship for helping me fix the worst part of this.

But to get to the point of this post, I cleaned out my camera again and have 16 pictures to share. ^^

Homestar Runner being mad creepy. Again. I need to take a picture of him with my phone so that the flash doesn't make him look like some sort of demon.

Lulu in the bathroom sink. She had been laying down, but sat up for the pictures and I yelled at her. I didn't feel bad. Who the hell sleeps in a sink, anyway?

Thomas. Or as I tend to call him, Tom-ass. :D Watching Crossword, bitches. This is how I keep up to date with high-class lingo and poor humor.

My baby Lu lovin' it up with her new BFF, a calico FurReal Friend kitten.

Took this one for a friend to show how epic my monitor is. I'm looking at this picture now like... Jesus, Henry's face is plenty orange. Maybe I should fix that.

Okay, to explain this. A little known fact about Liz is she can do plastic canvas work. I blame my mother for this. This is one of my current projects, and when I'm done, it'll be a box. A box for what? Who fucking cares? I'm going to have a box for when I need a box, right? More important here is the pattern, and if you can guess what it is, I love you. ^^ It's not quite finished yet, because I have to put some lines in where the pieces intersect, but it should be obvious. If you're curious and don't know: here

The DSs. Not much more to say here except that FFIII is sick shit.

Yes, another random sunrise picture taken from my upstairs bathroom. I can't wait for all the leaves to come back.

KangTeuk Webkinz and the dude hat.

So I was taking the last picture and looked over at the poster there, then decided a better angle would make the KangTeuk Webkinz even better.

New, unregistered Webkinz #1, the turtle. Name will be Pancake, when I get around to adding him. And Dee, the frog I constantly forget about.

New, unregistered Webkinz #2, the tiger snake. Name will be Kaa.

Black face and white face. They're so cute together. ^^

Tom-ass petting the Lu.

Cloverfield :D I worry that if I watch it too many times, I'll start spouting conspiracy theories at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately for me and my personal concerns, it's such a good fucking movie.
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