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Woo Hyuk in 20

So I was asked to pick twenty decent quality images of Woo Hyuk. This was no small feat. For those of you who aren't up to date on Liz, I have been a rabid Woo Hyuk fangirl for... going on... eleven years now. Yes, I'm old. Yes, I'm pathetic. No, I don't care that he's practically a fossil. But I digress. It took me something like an hour (?) to figure out which twenty pictures to choose. And after the folder was sent, I felt this strange sort of... uselessness. Like I'd just wasted an hour of my life looking through my nearly four thousand Woo Hyuk pictures just to pick out... twenty.

So, what's the plan, Stan? I slept for four and a half hours, and decided to post the twenty pictures here for your enjoyment. :D

I was looking to incorporate points in his entire entertainment career (with a stress on 4th jib H.O.T blonde!Woo sexiness and JTL times?). I think it worked. ^^

Also, if anyone wanted to, oh I don't know, make Liz Woo Hyuk icons... these would be a great place to start with looking for images. :D
Tags: chotitimes, imagery, picspam
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