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In Total Dedication To Shintotchi

... because she always encourages me to make things and then says they look good... even when they are total asscockballsfunk. So, because I felt I needed another "... is love" colorbar and because Shinmeister cheered me on, I give you, the dork colorbar:

Dork is love

< center >< img src= >< br >< a href="" >Dork is love< /a >< /center >

I'm thinking that I want to make one for each of them. After talking to Kigan I have:
Shinya = "Sandwich is love"
Kaoru = "Bum is love" or "Ganesa is love"
... I'll probably make a "Ganesa is love" anyway....
Need help with the other two though.

So yeah, <3 shintotchi cause I know you'll say its smexy.
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