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Webkinz Day

So this might make me look totally lame, like I usually do whenever I post Webkinz stuff, but I have to talk about it. On the way home from the BJ store yesterday, me and my parents stopped at the Webkinz store here in town to see what was going on with the Extravaganza events. Because I go in there a lot and the woman knows me, they let me play the games (which I guess were aimed at the kids). I guessed on the jar of jellybeans, which was a little lame, but that's okay. I picked out a coupon, which was $1 off of my purchase that day. And I spun the wheel of wow, which got me a free bookmark, which is always cool. My mother bought me the tiger snake, which is such a totally cool Webkinz to begin with, and she got the alley cat for her free pet because of the promotion. Now I have the tiger snake and turtle Webkinz, but haven't put their codes in yet. At least I have names picked out for them?
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