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The Fourth

So yeah, Im being forced to attend a massive family get-together for the fourth... and what sucks even more is that my father was like "Duh, you and your sister can drink some beer if you want... duh huh" which just figures cause I DON'T FUCKING DRINK ANYMORE. I remember the last time we went to one of these was SO FUCKING LONG AGO that me and my sister spent the entire time wrapping our bandanas around our heads in various fashions and ended up leaving while calling each other Fulton and Portman (Mighty Ducks 2 for those who don't know old movies) THATS how long ago that was... oh man, I really don't want to go. But I straightened my hair anyway... took me a record low of two and a half hours. I think I'm gonna divide it all up into 32 equal squares, ponytail them all and go like some strange ocean thing. That'll teach em to stop inviting close family to bbqs, won't it? If I had crazy clothes to go with it, I'd wear them... my mother... holy shit! She's got a whole closet of fucked up clothes. I'm gonna take the camera tomorrow and get some choice shots of me, the siblings, and maybe some bbq.
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