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Start Note: There are decent only13 supporters in the world, some of them right here on my f-list, so please, if you don't behave like a dildo-bearing efftard, I am not throwing you in the general group of only13 supporters addressed here.

I really don't understand why SuJu fans can't support the group in everything they do. That's what fangirls are for. Der. And it's always the same argument about not wanting it to be a project group. Uh... so what if it's a project group? I was kind of under the impression that they were ALWAYS a project group, so maybe that's why this doesn't affect me that much. The only part of this that really bothers me is how the fandom is completely split because of this. Oh, and how only13 supporters accuse us of being just as bad as them for not being open-minded. Uh... right. We're supporting the band as a whole and WE'RE not being open-minded. And then the only13 supporters attack threads, posts, forums, etc dedicated to SuJuM or the two new members, throwing the same facts at us over and over and over again until someone snaps and starts calling them stupid bitches or something and then WE are the ones who are being unreasonable and dramatic. I love it. Really. And then the fucking "czar" of Super Junior herself, Gaia (who claims that the money she has wasted buying everything SuJu that's come out is the proof of her legendary fangirl status, but thats another rant for another day), is all in there like... "No... I'm not bothered or butthurt or anything like that... you're just WRONG... AND HERE IS WHY!" *insert same facts again* Really, it's like they think we are all completely stupid and don't pay attention to what the fuck is going on. WE HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE EVERYONE WE USED TO GET THE SRSFACTS FROM IS FUCKING ONLY13. So it's like this new breed of Chinaman-loving leaders have popped out of the ranks and the only13 fans don't like it, especially the "higher ups" who, before now, believed that they had everyone in the fandom eating out of their legendary golden facts-for-hands. And I LOVE that I'm accused of not being a "real fan" for not being part of the only13 movement.

Oh, hold on, one more thing. This works for first graders, so why not try?

I have 13 apples

I add 2 apples

How many apples do I have?
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