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Oh Dear Merciful Heaven....

... so yeah, GLAY is hideous. I KNOW I KNOW, its not all about the looks, but in this case it has to be because, trust me, the music isn't much better. I mean, there aren't many j-whatevers out there that I actually cringe away from... but holy shit have you seen Takuro? Dude needs a face lift... or at least a paper bag. I'm not gonna even pretend to know enough about them to pass a fair judgement... but holy shit. I mean, obviously someone has to love their music and *gulp*... look. OK, fine, I admit, Jiro can be precious and let's not lie to ourselves, almost every female and half the male population would hit Hisashi... but my god... *Roams around Dir en Grey galleries for a while*... ok, that settled my stomach well. This is why I tell myself not to wander unknowledged into random jrock galleries. I think this is the exact same way I came across those naked pictures of Gackt and nearly died... hmm...

I suppose they must enjoy what they do, I mean, why else would you have a band that long?? Another thing I'd like to bring up. Why all the band member swapping? SERIOUSLY! PICK A TEAM AND STICK WITH IT.

Oh yeah, and BTW, my "mood" on this thing for the past fifteen or so entries has been completely random... I'm just not ready to look through the list to select my exact mood every day...
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