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New family portrait

Okay, short story. Yesterday, the Velvet Goose was selling off the regular frog Webkinz at $3.66 because they had like four thousand of them and nobody wanted them. And I saw them all sitting in that basket looking all sad and rejected. Had to buy one.

I named him Dee. ^^
You know, after Kermit D. Frogg.
There's a method to this, trust me.

So I spent like ten minutes getting them all in one room so I could take a new family picture. Took it in the beautiful back yard again. And it also includes Peter, who wasn't in the last portrait, either. Yes, thats the Crown of Wonder that Peter is wearing. Envy me. (Note: This one my mother gave to me because she already made two for herself, but I'm only two gems away from completing my own ^^)

Originally, KangTeuk were together on the bench but things got out of hand while I was rearranging and they aren't next to each other anymore. Sad, yes, but I'll live. JUNGSU IS SO LITTLE AND CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT.

I also redid most of the rooms, plus with the addition of Dee's room, Peter's room and the storage room, a new tour is in order. Webkinz owns my life hardcore.
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