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Forgetting the stupid

Prompt: The chick who just got voted off Idol

tysouthpaw: i bet you are happpeh
Degac Creep: super happy
Degac Creep: maybe now noreigblah will stop showing up
tysouthpaw: LOL
tysouthpaw: >_>;
Degac Creep: that was my ultimate goal anyway
tysouthpaw: <3
tysouthpaw: Cook/Castro seeeeeex
tysouthpaw: @_@ hahah
tysouthpaw: images
tysouthpaw: yum
Degac Creep: I'm convinced that the only reason she's been there every week is noreigblah speed dialing it up
Degac Creep: oh
Degac Creep: OH
Degac Creep: cook/castro
tysouthpaw: CxC
Degac Creep: way to make me forget the stupid

PS: Mozilla spell check is telling me noreigblah is not a word. I beg to differ.
Tags: the logs of chat, trufax
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