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A coming out of sorts

I guess it's not really news, but the extremes might be.

I am, without any doubt in my mind, a raging to the point of scary, babbling SS501 fangirl. It is so hard to cover this fact up, trust me. You guys seriously have no idea how bad this is. Some have some clue, but it is way beyond what you guys know about it. I mean it's not on par with H.O.T for me or anything but it is way up there. I mean it is scary to live in my head sometimes. There's like this... just urge, I guess, to say something or do something or participate in the fandom in some way.

But I effing can't because I keep saying that I hate them and it's so weird to just suddenly do everything differently and I don't want to seem like one of those fangirls that just switches fandoms suddenly because that's not it at all.

I have issues.

Big issues.

Big honking... fat ass sized issues. So fat assed that they don't fit in pants you can buy at Walmart or other comparable store that offers 4X sizes for people who just can't stop eating cheeseburgers.

I digress.

My point is Kyu Jong is a total hot hottie and this I cannot hide. I also cannot hide that I've had more dreams about Hyun Joong than I'd like to admit. Or that Baby is a scary looking beast that people need to shy away from if they don't want to go blind but I have to hand it to the kid, he can sing. Or that Jung Min should just change his name to Super Fag and be done with it. And Young Saeng. Actually, lets not go there.

It's like being two different people. There's the side that's all "hey, I'm a big butchy butch who likes Super Junior and Woo Hyuk and ew Yunho and DBSG and even more ew SSeatmysacalack" and then the side thats all "hey, I'm a big butchy butch who likes Super Junior and Woo Hyuk and ew Yunho and DBSG and hey, SS501... thats a nice group of attractive young men that I'd like to molest a few times over, especially that quiet one that the fag likes to touch".


Titanic issues.
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