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Hip new-age post

*picture of ugly celebrity*

*crazy fangirling over how sexy they really are, despite the obvious beast-like creature they've forced us to look at and/or ranting about how the rest of the world isn't blind and calls them ugly, probably using hip new-age net speak, grammar errors, lolcat references, and anything else they can think up (or copy) to do to get people to pity them and lie and tell them that the celeb is actually very sexy/pretty/cool*

*something about something in their life that they did or saw that reminded them of said beast-like celeb and how they "felt a connection" to their swamp beast all the while*

*description of how much they screamed/screeched/squealed/awwwwed during said event*

*lots of hearts*

*obligatory message similar to "I don't care what you think I love them", despite their desperate need for your approval to make them feel better and make them believe that they have good taste in black lagoon creature celebs*


*plans for the weekend*
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