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Ugh, I feel like a human being

Lost my wallet. Not sure how or where but sometimes between Saturday evening and Monday morning, it vanished from my purse. And, since I'm a fool, my SS card was in it so I have to call them up this morning and ask whats up so I can get a new one. Also need to get a new license, new insurance card, new birth certificate, new AAA card, new library card, new BJ store card... I think that's it. But I sent in my form for a new drivers license this morning so at least that will be taken care of.

crossed out - dealt with

It's a damn good thing I don't keep money in my wallet.

And because of this, I ended up calling a friend in near hysterics last night. Liz doesn't do hysterics... or bothering people with things. Makes me feel like one of the little people.
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