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So here's what's going to happen.

Everyone who is participating in the strike is going to start coming back in oh... *checks time* 32 minutes or so and they're going to spend somewhere between fifteen and sixty minutes of extra time checking their friends page, communities, buddy journals, etc etc etc (depending on how much shit they have to check and how much shit they skip over), and are going to post all the entries and comments they were going to post today... in addition to the ones they're going to make tonight (a good portion about the strike, how they spent their day, how hard it was being away from LJ, griping about how it wasn't worth it, coming up with lame excuses why they "didn't really participate, they were just busy", or complaining that not enough people were involved), thus rendering the protest redundant and pointless by pumping up the post, comment, visitor and view counts two fold.

Ah. The brilliance and intelligence of the human mind when in large numbers and fighting for a pointless cause.

Because, yes, ads make people sad. You know what else makes people sad? No food. Bad water. Disease. Death. Lack of clothes or education. How about the eternal destruction of our home, the earth. The depleting ozone layer. Man-caused polluted oceans. And lets just forget about hate crimes.

No, no. I see where the real issue is.

The Russians' inability to communicate with you.
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